our li-ion battery is rechargeable for more than 1200 times! 

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LED miner's lamp NEW
KL8M mineral lamp
KL10M LED mineral lamp(in developing and researching)
KL8M The old lamp (left) compare with our li-ion battery lamp (right)
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GWB-15 Portable Charger
KCLA series charger rack
KCLA-12A module compact style charger rack
ZLCD-34 charger module to reborn the old rack
LED miner's lamp also call:
LED cap lamp
LED safety lamp
LED mining lamp
KL5M LED mineral lamp

complete specification PDF format
NEW WISDOM Miner's lamp booklet(950k)
NEW WISDOM KL5M LED Miner's lamp booklet(380k)
NEW WISDOM KL8M Double filaments Miner's lamp booklet(450k)
NEW WISDOM GWB-15 Portable charger booklet(400k)
NEW WISDOM KCLA series charger rack booklet(350k)
NEW WISDOM ZLCD series charge module booklet(450k)

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li-ion battery
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Answers of frequently asked questions to miner's lamp

Sample policy:
Samples fee is usd98 for one piece, it is prepaid in advance for lamp sample. Please offer your express account for us to send you the samples. such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and TNT etc. So that you're able to receive the samples ASAP.

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About lamp special vocabulary comparation list
acetylene lamp ไน™็‚”็‡ˆ
adverse weather lamp ้˜ฒ้ขจ็‡ˆ, ้˜ฒ้œงๅ‰็‡ˆ
air cooled lamp (็ฉบ)ๆฐ”ๅ†ท(ๅป้›ปๅญ)็ฎก, ็ฉบๆฐ”ๅ†ทๅป็…งๆ˜Žๅ™จ
alarm lamp ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ, ๅ‘Š่ญฆ็‡ˆ
alcohol lamp ้…’็ฒพ็‡ˆ
aldis lamp ่ผ•ไพฟไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ(้ฃ›ๆœบๅ’Œ่ˆน่ˆถ็”จ); ๆ‰‹ๆ้–ƒๅ…‰ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
alert lamp ๅ ฑ่ญฆไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
alley lamp ๅฃ็‡ˆ
all night lamp (ๅฎข่ปŠ)็ต‚ๅคœ็‡ˆ
all-senders-busy lamp ่จ˜็™ผๅ™จๅ…จๅฟ™ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
alternating current energized lamp ไบคๆตๆฟ€ๅ‹ต็‡ˆ
amber lamp ๆทก้ปƒ่‰ฒไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
amplifying lamp ๆ”พๅคง็ฎก
analog lamp ๆจกๆ“ฌ็‡ˆ
anchor lamp ๅœๆณŠ็‡ˆ, ๆ‹‹้Œจ็‡ˆ
answer(ing) lamp ๆ‡‰็ญ”็‡ˆ
answer next lamp ๅ‰ฏๆ‡‰็ญ”็‡ˆ
answering supervisory lamp ๆ‡‰็ญ”็›ฃ่ฆ–็‡ˆ
approach indication lamp ๆŽฅ่ฟ‘่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
approach lock lamp ๆŽฅ่ฟ‘้Ž–้–‰่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
approved lamp ๅฎ‰ๅ…จ็‡ˆ
arc lamp ๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
argon(-filled) lamp ๆฐฌๅ…‰(ๆฐ”)็‡ˆ
artificial sunlight lamp (ไบบๅทฅ)ๅคช้™ฝ็‡ˆ
assignment lamp ๅ‘ผๅซ็‡ˆ, ่ฏ็ตก็‡ˆ
astral lamp ็„กๅฝฑ็‡ˆ
atomic lamp ๅŽŸๅญ็‡ˆ
attenuation step pilot lamp ่กฐๆธ›ๅˆ†็ดšๆŒ‡ ็คบ็‡ˆ
automatic signal lamp ่‡ชๅ‹•ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
auxiliary lamp ่ผ”ๅŠฉ็‡ˆ
auxiliary pilot lamp ่ผ”ๅŠฉไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
back lamp ๅฐพ็‡ˆ
bactericidal lamp ๆฎบ่Œ็‡ˆ
ballast lamp ้Žฎๆต็‡ˆ
beacon lamp ๆจ™ๅ‘็‡ˆ
benzine blow lamp ๆฑฝๆฒนๅ™ด็‡ˆ
berth lamp ่‡ฅ้‹ช็‡ˆ
bimetal lamp ้›™้‡‘ๅฑฌ็‡ˆ
bipost lamp ้›™ๆŽฅ้ปž่šๅ…‰็‡ˆ
black-light lamp ไธๅฏ่ฆ‹ๅ…‰็‡ˆ, ้ป‘ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
blast lamp ๅ™ด็‡ˆ
blow lamp ๅ™ด็‡ˆ
blue print lamp ๆ™’ๅœ–็‡ˆ
brazing lamp ้Š…็„Šๅ™ด็‡ˆ
built-in head lamp ๅ…ง่ฃ้ ญ็‡ˆ, ๆ’ๅ…ฅ้ ญ็‡ˆ
busy lamp ๅ ็ทšๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ, ๅฟ™็ทšไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
button barrel lamp ๆŒ‰้ˆ•่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
cab lamp ๅธๆœบๅฎค็‡ˆ
cadmium lamp ้Ž˜็‡ˆ
call lamp ๅ‘ผ่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
called subscriber held lamp ็”จๆˆถไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ, ่ขซๅซ็”จๆˆถๆŒ‚ๆœบไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
calling lamp ๅ‘ผๅซ(ไฟก่™Ÿ)็‡ˆ
calling supervisory lamp ๅ‘ผๅซ็›ฃ่ฆ–็‡ˆ
canary lamp ๅ……ๆฐ”้ปƒ่‰ฒ็‡ˆๆณก
candle lamp ็‡ญ็‡ˆ
cap lamp (้‡‡็คฆ)ๅธฝ็‡ˆ
carbon lamp ็‚ญ็ตฒ็‡ˆ
carbon arc lamp ็‚ญๆฃ’ๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
carbon-dioxide lamp ไบŒๆฐงๅŒ–็ขณ็‡ˆ
carbon filament lamp ็‚ญ็ตฒ ็‡ˆๆณก
cartridge lamp ็†”็ทš็‡ˆ
cathode-ray lamp ้™ฐๆžๅฐ„็ทš็ฎก
ceiling lamp ๅŠ็‡ˆ
cell inspection lamp ้›ปๆฑ ๆชขๆŸฅ็‡ˆ
charge lamp ๅ……้›ปๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
chargeable (time) lamp ๅ ฑๆ™‚็‡ˆ, ้€š่ฉฑๆ™‚้•ทๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
check lamp ๆ ก ้ฉ—็‡ˆ
circular lamp ๅœ“็„ฐ็‡ˆ
clearing lamp ็ต‚่ฉฑไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
codan lamp ๆŽฅๆ”ถๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
close-coupled lamp ็ทŠๅฏ†ๅถๅˆ็‡ˆ
coiled lamp ๅท็ตฒ็‡ˆ
coiled-coil lamp ็–Š่žบๆ—‹็‡ˆ็ตฒ็‡ˆๆณก, ่žบ็ทšๅผ็‡ˆ็ตฒ็‡ˆๆณก
cold cathode lamp ๅ†ท้™ฐๆž้›ปๅญ็ฎก, ๅ†ท้™ฐๆž็‡ˆ
cold cathode fluorescence lamp ๅ†ท้™ฐๆž็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
cold light lamp ๅ†ทๅ…‰็‡ˆ
cold-start lamp ๅ†ท่ตทๅ‹•็‡ˆ
colour discrimination lamp ่พจ่‰ฒ็‡ˆ
coloured lamp ๅฝฉ่‰ฒ็‡ˆ
comparison lamp ๆฏ”่ผƒ็‡ˆ
compartment lamp ๆˆฟ้–“็‡ˆ
control (indicating) lamp ๆŽงๅˆถ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
copying lamp ๆ™’ๅœ–็‡ˆ, ๅคๅˆถ็‡ˆๆณก
cord lamp ๅกž็นฉ็‡ˆ, ็นฉ่ทฏไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
cord pendant lamp ๅŠ็‡ˆ
counter lamp ่จˆๆ•ธๅ™จไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
cowl lamp (็™ผๅ‹•ๆœบไธŠ็š„)้‚Š็‡ˆcrater ้ปžๆบ้Œ„ๅฝฑ็‡ˆ(ไธ€็ง็‰นๆฎŠ็š„ๅ……ๆฐ–, ๆฐฌๆˆ–ๆฐฆ็š„่ผๅ…‰็ฎก); ๅ‡นๅญ”ๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก
cupola marker lamp ๅฎˆ่ปŠไบ†ๆœ›้ ‚ๆฃšๆจ™ๅฟ—็‡ˆ
current indicator lamp ็คบๆต็‡ˆ
darkroom lamp ๆš—ๅฎค็‡ˆ
daylight lamp ๆ—ฅๅ…‰็‡ˆ
daylight fluorescent lamp ๆ—ฅๅ…‰่‰ฒ็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
"day-lite" display lamp ๆ—ฅๅ…‰้กฏ็คบ็‡ˆ
deck lamp (ๆœบ่ปŠ็š„)็…คๆฐด่ปŠ็‡ˆ
departure indication lamp ็ฆปๅŽป(็™ผ่ปŠ)่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
detector lamp ๆชขๆผ็‡ˆ
deuterium lamp ๆฐ˜็‡ˆ
dial lamp ๅบฆ็›ค็‡ˆ
digital indicating lamp ๆ•ธๅญ—ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
dim lamp ็ฃจ็ ‚็‡ˆๆณก
discharge lamp ๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก
display lamp ้กฏ็คบ็‡ˆ, ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
division lamp ๅ€ๅˆ’็‡ˆ
double-carbon arc lamp ้›™็ขณๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
double coil lamp ้›™็นž็‡ˆ็ตฒ็‡ˆๆณก
dual-jacketed lamp ้›™ๅคพๅฅ—็‡ˆ
dub lamp ๅคๅˆถ็‡ˆ
earth lamp ๆŽฅๅœฐ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
electric arc lamp ้›ปๅผง็‡ˆ
electric(al) discharge lamp ๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก(็‡ˆ)
electric incandescent lamp ็™ฝ็†พ็‡ˆ
electric points lamp ้›ปๅ‹•้“ๅฒ”็‡ˆ
electric safety lamp ้›ป็คฆ็‡ˆ
electroluminescent lamp ๅ ด่‡ด็™ผๅ…‰็‡ˆ
embarkation lamp ่ปŠๅค–็‡ˆ
emergency lamp ไบ‹ๆ•…ๅ‚™็”จ็‡ˆ
enclosed arc lamp ๅฐ้–‰ๅผๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
engine hatch lamp ๆœบ่ปŠ้ ญ็‡ˆ
enlarger lamp (ๅœ–่ฑก)ๆ”พๅคง็‡ˆ
evening lamp ๅŠๅคœ็‡ˆ, ้ปƒๆ˜็‡ˆ
exciter lamp ๆฟ€ๅ‹ต็‡ˆ
exciting lamp ๆฟ€ๅ‹ต็‡ˆ; ๆฟ€ๅ‹ต็ฎก
exposing lamp ๆ›ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
extra-high-pressure mercury vapor lamp ่ถ…้ซ˜ๅฃ“ๆฐด้Š€็‡ˆ
fairy lamp ๅฝฉ่‰ฒๅฐ็‡ˆ
fairy light ๅฝฉ่‰ฒๅฐ็‡ˆ
fancy lamp ่ฃ้ฃพ็‡ˆ
fault indicating lamp ๆ•…้šœๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
fender lamp ไฟ่ญทๆฟ็‡ˆ
filament lamp ็™ฝ็†พ็‡ˆ
finish lamp ๆ“ไฝœ็ตๆŸๆชขๆŸฅ(ไฟก่™Ÿ)็‡ˆ
finsen lamp ๆฐด้Š€็‡ˆ
fishing lamp ้›†้ญš็‡ˆ
flame arc lamp ็„ฐๅผง็‡ˆ
flash(ing) lamp ้–ƒๅ…‰็‡ˆ; ๆ‰‹้›ป็ญ’
flash-signal lamp ้–ƒๅ…‰ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
flexible lamp ๆดปๅ‹•้›ป็‡ˆ
flickering lamp ้–ƒๅ…‰็‡ˆ
flood lamp ๆณ›ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
fluorescent lamp ็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
focus lamp ็„ฆ้ปž็‡ˆ
framing indicator lamp ๆˆๅน€ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
frosted lamp ๆฏ›็Žป็’ƒ(ๆ‚ถๅ…‰)็‡ˆๆณก
frosted incandescent lamp ็ฃจ็ ‚็™ฝ็†พ็‡ˆ
ga(u)ge lamp (ๅ„€่กจๆฟไธŠ็š„)ๅ„€่กจ็‡ˆ
garage lamp (ๅธถ้‡‘ๅฑฌ่ญท็ฝ‘็š„)ๅฎ‰ๅ…จ็‡ˆ
gas lamp ็…คๆฐ”็‡ˆ
gas arc lamp ็…ค ๆฐ”็‡ˆ, ๅ……ๆฐ”ๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
gas discharge lamp ๆฐ”ไฝ“ๆ”พ้›ป็‡ˆ
gaseous discharge lamp (็†’ๅ…‰)ๆฐ”ไฝ“ๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก
gas-filled lamp ๅ……ๆฐ”(้›ป)็‡ˆๆณก
gas-filled incandescent lamp ๅ……ๆฐ”็™ฝ็†พ็‡ˆๆณก
gas-testing lamp ๆชขๆŸฅ็“ฆๆ–ฏ็‡ˆ
germicidal lamp ๆฎบ่Œ็‡ˆ
gig lamps (ไฟš)็œผ้ก
glim lamp ๆš—ๅ…‰็‡ˆ; ้™ฐๆžๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก
glow-discharge lamp ่ผๅ…‰ๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก
Grimm lamp ๆ ผๆž—(ๆ”พ้›ป)็‡ˆ
ground lamp ๆŽฅๅœฐ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
grounded signal lamp ๆŽฅๅœฐๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
hand lamp ๆ‰‹(ๆ)็‡ˆ
hand regulated arc lamp ๅฏ่ชฟๅผง้•ท็š„ๆ‰‹ๆ็‡ˆ
head lamp (ๅˆ—่ปŠ)้ ญ็‡ˆ
heating lamp ๅ™ด็‡ˆ; ๅŠ ็†ฑ็‡ˆ; ็„ŠๆŽฅ็‡ˆ
helical lamp ่žบๆ—‹ๅฝข็‡ˆ
helical flash lamp ่žบๆ—‹ๅž‹้–ƒๅ…‰็‡ˆ
helium lamp ๆฐฆ็‡ˆ
high-frequency discharge lamp ้ซ˜้ ปๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก
high-pressure mercury vapo(u)r lamp ้ซ˜ๅฃ“ๆฑž(ๆฐ”)็‡ˆ, ้ซ˜ๅฃ“ๆฐด้Š€็‡ˆ
high-voltage lamp ้ซ˜ๅฃ“้›ป่ทฏ่ฉฆ้ฉ—็‡ˆ; ้ซ˜ๅฃ“็ฎก
hiking lamp ๆ—…่กŒ็‡ˆ
hot cathode mercury discharge lamp ็†ฑ้™ฐๆžๆฑžๆ”พ้›ป็‡ˆ
hot start lamp ็†ฑ่ตทๅ‹•็‡ˆ
hurricane lamp ้˜ฒ้ขจ็…คๆฒน็‡ˆ; ้ฆฌ็‡ˆ
hydrogen (discharge) lamp ๆฐซ็‡ˆ
identification lamp ่ญ˜ๅˆฅ็‡ˆ, ๆจ™ๅฟ—็‡ˆ
incandescent lamp ็™ฝ็†พ็‡ˆ, ็™ฝ็†ฑ็‡ˆ
incandescent arc lamp ็™ฝ็†พๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
indicating lamp ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
indication lamp ่กจ็คบ ็‡ˆ, ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
indicator lamp ่กจ็คบ ็‡ˆ, ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
infra-red lamp ็ด…ๅค–็ทš็‡ˆ
infrared heat lamp ็ด…ๅค–ๅŠ ็†ฑ็‡ˆ
infrared ray lamp ็ด…ๅค–็ทš้›ป็‡ˆ
inspection lamp (้‡‡็คฆ)ไบ•ไธ‹ๆชขๆŸฅ็‡ˆ
instant-start lamp ้€Ÿ็‡ƒ็‡ˆ(้›ปๆžไธ้ ็†ฑ็š„็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ)
instant -start hot cathode lamp ็žฌๆ™‚้ปž็‡ƒ็†ฑ้™ฐๆž็‡ˆ
intensive arc lamp ๅผทๅผง็‡ˆ
inverted arc lamp ๅๅ‘ๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
iridium lamp ้Šฅ็‡ˆ
kerosene lamp ็…คๆฒน็‡ˆ
kino lamp ้กฏ่ฑก็ฎก
krypton (filled) lamp ๆฐชๆฐ”็‡ˆ
lens lamp ้€้ก็‡ˆ
led cap lamp ๅŠๅฐŽ้ซ”็™ผๅ…‰ไบŒๆฅต้ซ”้ ญ็‡ˆ
led lamp ๅŠๅฐŽ้ซ”็™ผๅ…‰ไบŒๆฅต้ซ”็‡ˆ
led hand lamp ๅŠๅฐŽ้ซ”็™ผๅ…‰ไบŒๆฅต้ซ”็‡ˆ
locomotive frame lamp ๆœบ่ปŠ่ปŠไธ‹็…งๆ˜Ž็‡ˆ
locomotive head lamp ๆœบ่ปŠ้ ญ็‡ˆ
low level lamp ๆˆฟ้–“ๅคœ้–“็‡ˆ
luminous standard lamp ๅ…‰ๅบฆๆจ™ๅ‡†็‡ˆ(ๆณก)
magic lamp ๅนป็‡ˆ
marker lamp ่ญ˜ๅˆฅไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ, ๆจ™(ๅฟ—)็‡ˆ
master pilot lamp ็ธฝๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
meat-ageing lamp ่‚‰ๅ“็†ŸๅŒ–็‡ˆ(ๅŠ ้€Ÿ่‚‰ๅ“ๆˆ็†Ÿ)
mercury lamp ๆฑž็‡ˆ
mercury arc lamp ๆฐด้Š€็‡ˆ, ๆฐด้Š€ๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
mercury vapour lamp ๆฐด้Š€็‡ˆ; ๆฐด้Š€็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
metal halide lamp ้‡‘ๅฑฌ้นตๅŒ–็‰ฉ็‡ˆ
metal vapour lamp ้‡‘ๅฑฌ่’ธๆฑฝๆ”พ้›ป็‡ˆ
metallic electrode arc lamp ้‡‘ๅฑฌ้›ปๆžๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
metallic filament lamp ้‡‘ๅฑฌ็ตฒ็‡ˆ
middle-ultraviolet lamp ไธญ็ดซๅค–็‡ˆ
midget lamp ๅฐๅž‹้›ปๅญ็ฎก
mill-type lamp ่€(้˜ฒ)้œ‡็‡ˆๆณก
miner's lamp ็คฆ็‡ˆ, ้‡‡็คฆ็‡ˆ
miner's hand lamp (้‡‡็คฆ)ๆ‰‹ๆ่‡ช็ตฆ็คฆๅทฅ็‡ˆ
miniature lamp ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ; ๅฐๅž‹็‡ˆๆณก
mining lamp ้‡‡็คฆ็‡ˆ
multifilament lamp ๅคš็‡ˆ็ตฒ็™ฝ็†พ็‡ˆ
multiple arc lamp ๅนถ่ฏๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
negative-glow lamp ่ผๅ…‰ๆ”พ้›ป็ฎก
neon arc lamp ๆฐ–(ๅผง)็‡ˆ, ๆฐ–ๅ…‰็‡ˆ, ้œ“่™น็‡ˆ
neon glim lamp ๆฐ–ๅ…‰็‡ˆ, ้œ“่™น็‡ˆๆณก
neon glow lamp ๆฐ–่ผๅ…‰็‡ˆ็ฎก
neon tube lamp ้œ“่™น็ฎก็‡ˆ, ๆฐ–็ฎก็‡ˆ
noise lamp ๅ™ช่ฒ็‡ˆ
nitrogen-filled lamp ๅ……ๆฐฎๆฐ”็‡ˆๆณก
normal lamp ๅฎšไฝ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
normal indication lamp ๅฎšไฝ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
normally extinguished signal lamp ๆญฃๅธธ็†„ๆป…็š„ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
normally lighted signal lamp ๆญฃๅธธ้ปžไบฎ็š„ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
occupancy lamp ๅ ็”จ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
OK lamp ็ถ ็‡ˆ(่กจ็คบ"ๅ‡†ๅ‚™ๅฎŒ็•ข"็š„็ถ ่‰ฒไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ)
oil-gas lamp ๆฒนๆฐ”็‡ˆ
oil switch lamp ้“ๅฒ”ๆฒน็‡ˆ
on-the-air lamp ่กจ็คบ"ๆญฃๅœจๅปฃๆ’ญ"็š„็ด…็‡ˆ
opal lamp ไนณ็™ฝ็‡ˆ
open arc lamp ๆ•žๅผ(็„ก็ฝฉ, ๅฎคๅค–)ๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
optical sound lamp ๅ…‰้Œ„้Ÿณ็‡ˆ
osglim lamp ๆฐ–ๆฐฆ่ผๅ…‰็‡ˆ, ้œ“่™น็‡ˆ
osram lamp ้Žข็ตฒ็‡ˆ
outgoing code lamp ็™ผๅ‡บ้›ป็ขผ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
overflow lamp ๆบขๅ‡บๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
panel lamp ๅฃ็‡ˆ
pentane lamp ๆˆŠ็ƒท็‡ˆ
permanent glow lamp ไธๆŒ‚ๆœบ็›ฃ่ฆ–็‡ˆ
permanent loop lamp ไธๆŒ‚ๆœบ็›ฃ่ฆ–็‡ˆ
permissible (safety) lamp ๅฎ‰ๅ…จ็‡ˆ
phasing lamp ๅฎš็›ธ็‡ˆ
photoflash lamp ้–ƒๅ…‰็‡ˆ
photoflood lamp ็…ง็›ธ็”จๆณ›ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
pilot lamp ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ, ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ; ่กจ็›ค็‡ˆ; ็›ฃ่ฆ–็‡ˆ
pilot indicating lamp ่ˆชๅ‘ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
polarization lamp ๆ—‹ๅ…‰่จˆ็‡ˆ; ๅๆŒฏๅ…‰่จˆ็‡ˆ
portable lamp ๆ‰‹ๆ็‡ˆ
portable electric lamp ไพฟๆ”œ้›ป็‡ˆ
position lamp ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ, ไฝ็ฝฎ็‡ˆ; ๅธญๅˆฅ็‡ˆ
potentiometer lamp ้›ปไฝๅ™จ็‡ˆๆณก
prefocus lamp ่šๅ…‰็‡ˆ, ๅฎš็„ฆ็‡ˆ
preheat fluorescent lamp ้ ็†ฑ็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
preheat hot cathode lamp ้ ็†ฑๅผ็†ฑ้™ฐๆž็‡ˆ
pressure vapour lamp ็…คๆฒน่’ธๆฑฝ็‡ˆ
pressurized lamp ้ซ˜ๅฃ“็‡ˆ
printing lamp ๅฐๅˆท็”จ็‡ˆ, ๆ™’่ฑก็”จ็‡ˆ
projector lamp ๆŠ•ๅฐ„็‡ˆ, ๅนป็‡ˆ, ๆ”พๅฝฑ็‡ˆ
projector-type filament lamp ้›†ๅ…‰ๅž‹็™ฝ็†พ็‡ˆ
protection lamp ไฟ่ญท็‡ˆ
pulsed-flash gas-discharge lamp ่„ˆ่ก้–ƒๅ…‰ๆฐ”ไฝ“ๆ”พ้›ป็‡ˆ
pumping lamp ๆŠฝ้‹็‡ˆ, ๆณตๆตฆ็‡ˆ
punctiform lamp ้ปžๅฝข็‡ˆ
push button lamp ๆŒ‰้ˆ•่กจๅผ็‡ˆ
pygmy lamp ๅฐๅž‹็‡ˆ; (ๆ‰‹้›ป็”จ)ๅฐ็‡ˆๆณก
quartz lamp ็Ÿณ่‹ฑ็‡ˆ, ๆฐดๆ™ถ็‡ˆ
quartz-halogen lamp ็Ÿณ่‹ฑ้นต็ด ็‡ˆ
quartz mercury lamp ็Ÿณ่‹ฑๆฐด้Š€็‡ˆ
quartz mercury arc lamp ็Ÿณ่‹ฑๆฑžๅผง็‡ˆ
quick start lamp ๅฟซ้€Ÿ(็žฌๆ™‚)่ตทๅ‹•็‡ˆ
radiant heat lamp ่ผปๅฐ„็†ฑ็‡ˆ
rear-end stop lamp ๅŽ็ซฏๅœ่ปŠ็‡ˆ
rear identification lamp ๅŽๆจ™ๅฟ—็‡ˆ
recording lamp (้›ปๅฝฑ)้Œ„้Ÿณ็‡ˆ
rectifier lamp ๆ•ดๆต็ฎก
red incandescent electric lamp ็ด…่‰ฒ็†พๅ…‰็‡ˆ
reference standard lamp ๅƒ่€ƒๆจ™ๅ‡†็‡ˆ
reflector lamp ๅๅ…‰็‡ˆ
register lamp ่จ˜้Œ„(ๅ™จ)ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
register pilotlamp ่จ˜้Œ„ๅ™จ้ ˜็คบ็‡ˆ, ่จˆๆ•ธๅ™จไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
relighter flame safety lamp (้‡‡็คฆ)่‡ช้ปž็ซ็„ฐๅฎ‰ๅ…จ็‡ˆ
resistance lamp ้›ป้˜ป็‡ˆ
resonance lamp (ๅŽŸ็‰ฉ)ๅ…ฑๆŒฏ็‡ˆ
reverse lamp ๅไฝ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
reverse indication lamp ๅไฝ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
ringing pilot lamp ๆŒฏ้ˆด(ๅ‘ผๅ–š)ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
room lamp ๅฎคๅ…ง็‡ˆ
rough service lamp ่€็”จ็‡ˆ, ้˜ฒ้œ‡็‡ˆ
safe lamp (ๆ”)ๅฎ‰ๅ…จ็‡ˆ
safety (head) lamp ๅฎ‰ๅ…จ(้ ญ)็‡ˆ
scale lamp ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
screw base lamp ่žบ็ตฒๅฃ็‡ˆๆณก
section lamp ๅˆ†ๅ€(็ต„)ๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
semaphore lamp ่‡‚ๆฟไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
series resistance lamp ไธฒ่ฏ้›ป้˜ป็‡ˆ
series-wound arc lamp ไธฒ่ฏ้€ฃๆŽฅ็š„ๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
service lamp ่ผ•ไพฟ็‡ˆ, ๆ‰‹ๆ็‡ˆ
shunt-wound arc lamp ๅนถ็นžๅผๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
side lamp ๅด็‡ˆ
sign lamp ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
signal lamp ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
signal indication lamp ไฟก่™Ÿ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
signal point indicator lamp ้“ๅฒ”่กจ็คบๅ™จ็‡ˆ
silica lamp ็Ÿณ่‹ฑๆฐด้Š€็‡ˆ
slimline type fluorescence lamp ็ดฐ้•ท็ฎกๅผ็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
slit lamp ็ธซ็‡ˆ, ็‹น็ธซ็‡ˆ
slot lamp ็‹น็ธซ็…งๆ˜Ž็‡ˆ
sodium (discharge) lamp ้ˆ‰ๆฑฝ็‡ˆ
sodium-vapor lamp ้ˆ‰่’ธๆฑฝ็‡ˆ
soldering lamp ็„ŠๆŽฅ็”จๅ™ด็‡ˆ
spectrum lamp ๅ…‰่ญœ็‡ˆ
standard lamp ๆจ™ๅ‡†็‡ˆ
stand-by lamp ๅ‚™็”จ็‡ˆ
star lamp ๆ˜Ÿ็‡ˆ
sterilizing lamp ๆฎบ่Œ็‡ˆ, ๆป…่Œ็‡ˆ
storm lamp ้ขจ้›จ็‡ˆ, ้˜ฒ้ขจ(ๆ‰‹)็‡ˆ
straight sided lamp ่Œ„ๅญๅฝข็‡ˆๆณก
strip lamp ็…งๆ˜Žๅธถ; ็ฎก็‹€็‡ˆ, ็‡ˆ็ฎก
strip-light lamp ้ ‚็‡ˆ
stroboscopic lamp ้–ƒๅ…‰็‡ˆ, ้ ป้–ƒ็‡ˆ
sun lamp ๆ—ฅๅ…‰็‡ˆ, ๅคช้™ฝ็‡ˆ
supervisory lamp ็›ฃ่ฆ–็‡ˆ
switch lamp ้“ๅฒ”่กจ็คบ(ๆจ™ๅฟ—)็‡ˆ
switch correspondence lamp ้“ๅฒ”ไฝ็ฝฎ็ฌฆๅˆ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
switch indication lamp ้“ๅฒ”่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
switch lever lamp ้“ๅฒ”ๆก(ๆ‰‹)ๆŸ„่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
switchboard lamp ไบคๆ›ๅฐ็‡ˆ
synchronizing lamp ๅŒๆญฅๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
table lamp ๅฐ็‡ˆ
tail lamp (ๅˆ—่ปŠ)ๅฐพ็‡ˆ
tantalum lamp ้‰ญ็ตฒ็‡ˆ
target lamp ็‡ˆๅก”, ็›ฎๆจ™็‡ˆ
television lamp ้›ป่ฆ–ๅ…‰ๆบ็‡ˆ
telltale lamp ไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
temporary lamp ่‡จๆ™‚็‡ˆ
tender lamp ็…คๆฐด่ปŠ็‡ˆ
test lamp ่ฉฆ้ฉ—็‡ˆ
time check lamp ๅ ฑๆ™‚็‡ˆ
time code lamp ๆ™‚้–“็ขผๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
timing lamp ่ชฟๆ™‚ๆจ™็‡ˆ, ๅฎšๆ™‚ๆจ™็‡ˆ
tiny lamp ๅฐๅž‹้›ปๅญ็ฎก
toll line lamp ้•ท้€”็ทš่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
torch lamp ๅ™ด็‡ˆ
tornado lamp ้˜ฒ้ขจ็‡ˆ
track indication lamp ่ปŒ(่‚ก)้“่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
track occupancy lamp ่ปŒ(่‚ก)้“ๅ ็”จ่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
traffic indication lamp ้‹่กŒๆ–นๅ‘่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
train departure indication lamp ็™ผ่ปŠ(็ฆปๅŽป)่กจ็คบ็‡ˆ
transistor fluorescent lamp ๆ™ถไฝ“็ฎก็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
trap lamp ่ช˜่™ซ็‡ˆ
trouble lamp ๆ•…้šœๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
trunk congestion lamp ไธญ็นผ็ทšๅ ็”จๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
tube lamp ็ฎกๅฝข็‡ˆๆณก
tubular lamp ็ฎกๅฝข็‡ˆๆณก
tungsten lamp ้Žข็ตฒ็‡ˆ
tungsten-filament lamp ้Žข็ตฒ็‡ˆ
tungsten-iodine lamp ็ข˜้Žข็‡ˆ
tuning lamp ่ชฟ่ซงๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
twin-carbon arc lamp ้›™็ขณๅผงๅ…‰็‡ˆ
ultraviolet lamp ็ดซๅค–็ทš็‡ˆ
ultraviolet germicidal lamp ็ดซๅค–็ทšๆฎบ่Œ็‡ˆ
ultra-violet ray lamp ็ดซๅค–็ทš(้›ป)็‡ˆ
user lamp ็”จๆˆถๆŒ‡็คบ็‡ˆ
utility lamp ้€š็”จ็‡ˆ
uviol lamp ็ดซๅค–็‡ˆ
vacuum lamp ็œŸ็ฉบ็‡ˆ
vacuum fluorescent lamp ็œŸ็ฉบ็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
vestibule lamp ้€š้Žๅฐ็‡ˆ
visual idle indication lamp ็ฉบ็ทšไฟก่™Ÿ็‡ˆ
vitalight lamp ็ดซๅค–็ทš็‡ˆ(ๆณก)
wall (bracket) lamp ็‰†็‡ˆ, ๅฃ็‡ˆ
warning lamp ๅ‘Š่ญฆ็‡ˆ
water ga(u)ge lamp ๆฐด่กจ็‡ˆ
welding blow lamp ็„Š็‚ฌ
white fluorescent lamp ็™ฝ่‰ฒ็†’ๅ…‰็‡ˆ
whole night lamp ็ต‚ๅคœ็‡ˆ
working standard lamp ๆจ™ๅ‡†ๅทฅไฝœ้›ป็‡ˆ
xenon lamp ๆฐ™ๆฐ”็‡ˆ; ๆฐ™ๆฐ”็ฎก
xenon arc lamp ๆฐ™ๅผง็‡ˆ
xenon flash lamp ๆฐ™ๆฐ”้–ƒๅ…‰็‡ˆ
xenon-mercury lamp ๆฑžๆฐ™็‡ˆ
xenon vapor lamp ๆฐ™ๆฐ”็‡ˆ(ๅณไบบๅทฅๅฐๅคช้™ฝ)


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