our li-ion battery is rechargeable for more than 1200 times! 

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New Wisdom li-ion battery New Wisdom LED cap lamp
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Recent news of the technical of the lamp
Our charger is improved to be with DC6-30V charging function
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LED miner's lamp also call:
LED cap lamp
LED safety lamp
LED mining lamp
KL5M LED mineral lamp
KL5M LED Head lamp
KL5M LED Headlamp
KL8M The old lamp (left) compare with our li-ion battery lamp (right)

complete specification PDF format UPDATED IN JUNE 2008.06
NEW WISDOM Miner's lamp booklet(1.3M)

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Sample policy:
Samples fee is usd98 for one piece, it is prepaid in advance for lamp sample. Please offer your express account for us to send you the samples. such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and TNT etc. So that you're able to receive the samples ASAP.
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KL8M high-duty Unit Li-ion battery Mineral Lamp

Product feature:
Safety: the actions in compact design of the whole product, protection in electrical short-circuit, automatic power-off on the socket, and anti-static housing make very good feature of explosion-proof.
Reliability: the high strength housing and optimized structure design makes the product endurable to strong impact. The function of overcharging and over discharging protection has further improved the reliability of the product. Main raw materials of the product are imported, resulting in increased duration of the lithium battery.
Portability: small in size, light in weight, portable to carry, free of maintenance, simple charging, easy usage.
Efficiency: the maximum lighting degree reaches>2800Lux, work time last to>16h, total usage duration>1200times recharging.
Environmental Friendliness: the system of exemption of maintenance and recycling of overdue battery makes the production friendly to environment.
Economy: duration of usage three times longer than lead and acid mineral lamp, plus the saving in maintenance fee makes the product more compatible in price.
User Guide:
1. There's no need for initial charging for High-duty Lithium Mineral Lamp, it can be used immediately after daily charging.
2. Stable voltage parallel connection charging method is adopted in daily charging in a cradle, the charging voltage
is 4.2V 賊0.05V, charging last for 8-12 hours. When the charging voltage reaches the maximum value, the electric circuit will be automatically powered off to stop charging.
3. During the charging, the charging voltage is higher than the rated voltage of the bulb, therefore the switch of the socket should be switched off to avoid burning off of the bulb.
4. The charger must be used to ensure the usage duration of the battery.
Daily maintenance:
1. In case of short-circuit, the protection circuit will cut off the power at an instant. After the problem of short-circuit is solved, re-switching on of the lamp would restore the usage.
2. The mineral lamp can't be used or stored in a environment of over 60ºC and should be stored in a low-temperature and dry environment. When long-term storage is needed, charging should be done half year, 50% charging capacity should be reached each time.

at the meantime mineral lamp also call Miners Lamps, Mining Lamps, carbide lamps, safety lamps,  etc

Major Technical Specifications:
Features Specifications
Rated capability 10Ah(lithium-ion battery)
Rated voltage 3.6V
Bulb Working voltage 3.6V
Bulb Working current 0.7A
Bulb Working current 0.6A
Luminous flux ≥26Lm
lamp lighting degree Initial Lighting degree ≥2800Lux (distance in 1 mile)
lamp lighting degree Lighting degree at work ≥800Lux (distance in 1 mile)
Continuous discharging time ≥16h
Short circuit protect time <15ms
Usage duration of battery (recharges) >1200 recharges
Charging time 8h-12h
Dimensions 76x31x99mm (size of the li-ion battery)
Weight <0.7kg

li-ion battery mineral lamp


li-ion battery miner's lamp




safety lamp


cap lamp




mining lamp


miner's lamp


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